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"A goal without a plan is just a wish." ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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Why is setting up an Election Calendar so hard?

Calendaring software like Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook and Apple iCal are all simple to use and easy to share, but they don't understand elections. In this business, dates need to be established in a perticular order and then the rules build up from there.

ElectionPlan.com understands how elections are scheduled. We allow you to define rules with a single click or tap (even rules as crazy as "The first Tuesday after the First Monday in November") because we know how election laws are written. From there, you can anchor events to each other. That way in this coming year, the year after and 15 years into the future, the deadline to register will be the same number of days away from the General Election, no matter what Tuesday it lands on.

We wracked our brains and noodled through the hard stuff so you are just a few taps away from a 15-year election calendar. Take a moment to ponder that. A few simple taps now and you are set for the next 15 years! All with the ease, accessibility and sharability of the major Calendaring apps.

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What Happened Four Years Ago?

Planning for an election is like throwing a wedding for thousands even millions of people. You have to make sure the venues are set, the equipment is going to arrive (and leave) on time and the guest list needs to be checked and rechecked. If all of that goes well, and you do pull off a smooth election then the best you can hope for is not getting attention. Such is the life of an Elections Administrator!

Thankfully, you have lots of data from prior elections to pull from, right? That is, if you can remember where you saved that report from four years ago or remember who was managing the warehouse the last time you had an election like this one. Ok, so historical data is nice only if you can get to it.

Trying to plan such complex events requires good, timely data in an easy to understand format. It requires the experience of your seasoned staff and it requires plenty of discussion. ElectionPlan.com puts better planning on your computer screen, or on your phone, or on your tablet.

We weed through complex data from many different sources and boil it down to what's most important. We make it easy to consume, but more importantly, we make it conversation worthy. You and your staff have been there--you know this business. Turn our infographics into actionable metrics by setting goals (we'll track them for you and alert you when you fall behind). Comment sections on all data means the discussion carries on well beyond the conference room walls.

Nobody plans to fail, they simply fail to plan. Or sometimes, they just don't have the right tools to plan well.

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Tap into the most powerful election platform on the planet

Election Plan allows you to map out your election responsibilities. As part of the Election Hub platform, you can connect numerous additional apps to put those plans into action like never before! Want a better grasp of what is going on within your pollsites in real-time? We have an in-site, tablet-optimized spoke app for that! Want to recruit poll workers/election judges online and engage them in the process from the onset? There's a spoke app for that as well. The power is in your hands.

Election Hub allows you to manage and sign up for spoke applications like: ElectionDayWorker.com, ResultsCaster.com, ElectionRecord.com, ElectionPlan.com and many more. The platform is flexible and will expand to fit your growing election administration needs. The best part is, you control the services you use!

The power is in the palm of your hands (literally). All Election Hub spoke apps are designed to work on any device, anywehere. Don't just take our word for it...

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